Base Patroller

A first aid room patroller’s day on the Santiam Pass Ski Patrol

Our job as patrollers is to provide first aid, stabilize the patient’s condition and then provide evacuation to a point at which the patient can be transported to an emergency facility for treatment as needed.

8:00 am: Arrive by 8:00 am to unpack your equipment and attend the morning meeting which begins at 8:15 am. Sign in on the Duty Board. Check out a radio. Check oxygen tanks in the three locations of the first aid room, evacuation equipment and the AED for proper “readiness use” then record on the Daily Log sheet. Ensure sled packs are made up and ready for use.

8:15 am: Morning meeting – see who is on patrol that day, get any news of mountain problems, events, policy changes, etc.

At the end of the meeting: First Aid room opening involves cleaning beds, bathroom and the dayroom with additional cleaning and restocking of the walk-in center with first aid supplies. Additionally, order any first aid supplies that need to be replenished.

During the day: The first aid room patroller assigned that duty will provide first aid for patients who walk into the first aid room. In addition, the patroller will be in charge of the operations of the room and will direct any care being administered. When a patient is brought in by sled, the first aid room patroller will obtain the necessary facts from the lead patroller and from the patient. The lead patroller, with the first aid room patroller, will care for the patient and stabilize all injuries. This is accomplished under the direction of the first aid room patroller who has the supervisory authority while on duty. The lead patroller will be responsible for filling out the Incident Report form regarding observations and actions taken on-the-hill and the first aid room attendant shall review the report, finish any other information needed, monitor the patient’s progress and prepare them for transport.

While on the hill skiing, the expectations for Patrollers is to be vigilant of radio traffic and reports of incidents, and be prepared and ready to assist in the first aid room as needed.

At the end of the day: Attend the final meeting at the end of the day to go over incidents, daily activities, concerns, praises, etc.

The first aid room Patroller remains on duty until all patients from the day shift are clear and all the equipment is returned to its proper place.

This is a typical day. But, always expect the unexpected. You may need to assist with a search on the mountain – staying until 9:00 pm or later. Whatever it takes, be flexible and ready. Lastly, and most importantly – have fun!

To make contact with the patrol send an inquiry to recruit at SantiamPassSkiPatrol dot org, or you can fill out this registration form.

You will be contacted at a later date and given a detailed plan that will enable you to patrol after successfully completing your training.