Cycle A

Online Meeting Info

MS Teams Link

Time: 1900-2100 Pacific Time (7-9PM PT)

Jan 9 Online Agenda

  • 1900 The plan for tonight
  • 1910 SAR principles with a little compass and gps
  • 2010 Ropecraft: Knots, hitches, and bends
  • 2015 Breakouts – practice and applications
  • 2045 Recap
  • 2055 Prepare for the Jan 16 session

Jan 16 Online Agenda

  • 1900 The plan for tonight
  • Reminder: MTR must complete ICS 100 and 700 by the end of the course
  • 1910 Navigation basics – see the Cycle A list (below) 1-10 + Bonus 1,2
  • 1950 Low angle rope rescue – Cycle A list 40-46
  • 2030 Review ropecraft applications
  • 2040 Recap and what next?
  • Check list for on-the-hill check-offs
    • Self asses?
    • Peer/group assess?

What to bring?

  • compass
  • ruler
  • map
  • gps
  • 6′ of 5mm or larger cord or rope

Cycle A from the Nordic Refresher Cycles ABC Spreadsheet

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2020 Course: P024200013

Skill No.CategorySkillMoreMoreWho—Complete?
Station 1 (75 min.)Navigation.
1NavigationSet declination on compassREISPSPMatt
2NavigationOrient a map using a compassAS
3NavigationDetermine position using resectioning4O
4NavigationFollow a bearing,  dead reckoningASMTYT
5NavigationDetermine position on map using UTMMT
6NavigationDetermine position on map using L/L
7NavigationDetermine position using Township and RangeTandR
8NavigationDetermine position using GPS UTM and L/L coordinates
9NavigationManually enter a waypoint in a GPS receivereTrex
10NavigationUse the GPS “Go To” function
Bonus 1NavigationUsing a topo, visualize and describe the terrain
Bonus 2NavigationShare your waypoints and tracks with others
Station 2 (75 min.)Rope Rescue (low angle) – with stokes.
40Rope RescuePatrol’s rope rescue system (RRS)SPSPRRS
41Rope RescuePatient Access
42Rope RescueSecure Patient to RRS
43Rope RescueZ-Pully, Z-Drag System (Raising)SPSPRRS
44Rope RescueSwitch to lowering
45Rope RescuePatrols lowering systemSPSPRRS
46Rope RescueSwitch to raising
16, 19, 20KnotsWater knot, Double fishermen’s, PrusikWaterREI
21, 22, 23KnotsMunter-mule-overhand combination, Figure 8’s, Load releasing hitchANMM
Station 3 (75 min.)Emergency Transport – Expedient Toboggan (Tarp and Ski’s).
29*, 30,TobogganEmergency Transport – Tarp and Ski’s Toboggan
31, 16, 17 Toboggan, KnotsWebbing harness, Water knot, Clove hitch
32, 20, 22Toboggan, KnotsTeam Haul /Prusik,Figure 8 on bight and follow thru 8ANPKANF8FT
Local Protocols Covered as one station with everybody during Patrol Meeting.
47LocalProper use of patrol radios
48Localknowledge of patrol protocols – Interface with Area Mgt, SAR Teams, Law Enforcement, etc.
49Localknowledge of patrol paperwork
50Localdiscussion of skiing skills required….
*LocalAvakanche Beacon, Probing, & Shovel Practice as per local need and protocol
BonusSARReview the SPSP SAR docsDocs
BonusGearWhat is in your patrol kit?
Hoodoo area map to use for general map and compass discussions.
Large scale map good for compass resection work on clear days.

Who are the SPSP Nordics for 2023-2024?

Chip DaleXX
Larry DavisXXOECAlpine, Nordic/BC, OEC
Doug EbelingXX
Bob FreundXXOECNordic/BC, OEC
Anne GreenwoodXXOECNordic/BC, OEC
Julie NistX
Matt StrauserXNordic/BC, MTRNordic/BC, OEC
Naomi StrauserX

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I (Matt) have not updated this page yet to match our new ABC cycle.

Plan: Alert, Locate, Access, Assess, Stabilize, Transport

Resources, area management, protocol

Can you move the patient(s)?

Staged transport?

Topics list:

  • Map
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • Building a fire
  • Shelter in place
  • Improvised splint
  • Our patrol area
  • SAR at Santiam Pass

Please review the following topics to check your personal knowledge, understanding and skill set.


Map skills, terms and definitions

  • Legend
  • Scale
  • Magnetic declination
  • Orientation
  • Visualizing the terrain shapes and obstacles
  • Picking routes


Compass skills, terms and definitions



Sharing your location, waypoint, track.

GPS on your phone/tablet – here is one guy’s overview of some of the choices, not required viewing:

Building a fire


Shelter in place


Improvised splint


Our patrol area


When you have completed the review:

Contact Matt for course credit.